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A Total Approach Therapy & Education Services

maude LeRoux
Clinical Director
9 LaCrue Ave
Glen Mills
Serves individuals with sensory processing disorders, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, dyslexia. The Total Approach team includes occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, and physical therapists working with each client in a holistic manner, believing that each client has the ability to learn in his/her own unique way.

Contact us for our unique way of developing social-emotional skill Online webinars - contact

Intensive programming as per individual needs. DIR/Floortime, Tomatis Sound Therapy, Interactive Metronome, Cellfield, Cogmed
Contact Number: 484 840 1529

Camp Akeela

Debbie and Eric Sasson
1 Thoreau Way
Thetford Center
Camp Akeela is a co-ed, overnight sleepaway camp with locations in Vermont and Wisconsin. Within a well-rounded, traditional camp program, Akeela is a small, supportive community that helps campers improve their social skills. Our campers are bright, creative boys and girls ages 9 - 18 who have difficulty connecting with their peers. Many, but not all, of our campers have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome or a non verbal learning disability. We offer top-notch instruction in dozens of activities, from swimming and boating to outdoor adventure, farm & garden, community service, athletics and an extensive arts program. Campers take comfort in the structure and predictability of the program, but also thrive when given a chance to pick their own activities. Akeela is an intentional community that values and celebrates each child and staff member. Campers make life-long friends, develop self-confidence, achieve independence, feel pride in their accomplishments, and leave camp with lasting memories filled with fun and spirit.

Vermont: Two sessions of 3.5 weeks each. Wisconsin: Three sessions of 2 weeks each.
Contact Number: 866-680-4744

Camp Pegasus/Art of Friendship Social Skills Program

Michael Fogel
678 Pont Reading Rd.
The Art of Friendship Social Skills Program (AoF) provides social-coping skills groups for children & teens ages 4-19. Mike Fogel's AoF curriculum (also used at Camp Pegasus) offers clear and memorable social-coping skills lessons. Participants and campers experience modeling & role play, conversation practice, team-building activities, free play or group projects, depending on the age and development level of the group. Great attention and care is given to ensure that children are placed with appropriate peers, ensuring maximum success. During the school year, girls groups & boys groups are available in Ardmore, Paoli, Plymouth Meeting & Center City. In summertime, Camp Pegasus provides a magical, transformational social experience.

Developmentally focused social thinking groups for children and teens between the ages of 4-19. Girls groups, boys groups, and co-ed groups are available. The program provides direct instruction in social-coping skills, modeling and role play, interwoven with conversation practice, team-building activities, play and/or group projects. A reward system and a positive social coaching approach make the groups a fun and comfortable place for children and adolescents to develop friendships and learn skills. Great attention and care is given to ensure that children are placed with appropriate peers in order to ensure maximum success. Locations: Center City Philadelphia, Blue Bell, Paoli, and Ardmore, PA.

Camp Pegasus: The Original Social Skills Therapy Day Camp on the Main Line
Contact Number: 610/649-1080, ext. 4

Carousel Connections

Amy McCann
Program Director
P.O. Box 36665
Carousel Connections provides community experiences and training for teenagers and young adults focusing on ¿next steps¿ and building independence in the home, on the job, and on the go! At Carousel Connections, opportunities are provided to learn, maintain, and improve skills through participation in vocational training, independent living mentoring, and recreational activities. Programs include a six week residential summer experience based on the campus of Haverford College, adventure weekends to the Pocono mountains, and family and individual consulting to share resources related to the transition process and supporting program goals within the home. This fall, Carousel Connections launched community ¿crews¿ and volunteer day experiences to further develop vocational skills, build independence and self confidence, nurture relationships with organizations and community partners in the area, and foster inclusive living-learning experiences.

Using creative and positive techniques, Carousel Connections offers varied opportunities for individuals to learn. Program goals include: Opportunities that provide life skills training to further support independence and build self confidence, Opportunities that provide vocational training experiences that may be used in employment, Authentic and inclusive living/learning experiences and activities, Coordination with families and individuals during the transition process that connects individuals to community resources, An experience with community living on a college campus.
Contact Number: 215-948-2527

Center for ADHD

Ryan Wexelblatt, LSW, CAS
26 Summit Grove Ave.
Bryn Mawr
Center for ADHD provides social skills programs for boys, therapy for self-regulation and social anxiety, a Summer Travel Program, Executive Function Treatment and individual Social Thinking instruction. We work with children, adolescents and young adults. The Center is filling a tremendous need in the ADHD/Asperger's/ASD populations as the only provider of social skills programs that are co-facilitated by two men. Our social skills programs are based on the Social Thinking methodology created by Michelle Garcia Winner. Ryan Wexelblatt, Center Director has received a Social Thinking Clinical Training Level 1 Certificate of Completion. Please visit our website for information about our innovative programs.

Guy Stuff: A hygiene/pubertyeducation program for boys and their parents. Separate programs for 5th grade, Middle School and High School. How to Hang Out- a social recreational program to teach boys how to cultivate and friendships with other boys. Separate groups for middle school and high school. Executive Function Skill Building Day Trips-Held on school holidays and vacation days.

Center for ADHD is pleased to announce the launch of our 2017 Summer Travel Program for boys ages 12-15. The Summer Travel Program is designed to help boys improve their social thinking, self-regulation, executive function and age-expected independent skills through a fun, active program. Local day and overnight trips are the setting to help generalize these skills experientially. Please visit: for more information.
Contact Number: 484-278-1088

Continuum Behavioral Health

Matthew Cassano
Clinical Director, BCBA
PO Box 8308
Continuum Behavioral Health is committed to providing quality ABA services to help improve the lives of individuals and their families. The systematic method for assessment and intervention allows our staff to identify why an individual engages in maladaptive behaviors and develop the most successful strategies to teach new skills. With the use of behavior plans and consultation/training, parents and other professional are taught how to utilize ABA principles so an individual can be successful across environments and with those people in their life. Continuum contracts with families, schools, and multiple funding sources, including Tricare. We are currently providing services in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware.


In-home summer services or support at summer camps