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Robin Tate LLC

Robin Tate, MA, MS
Autism / Asperger Coach - Neurodiverse Couples Coach
Greater Philly Area
Autism / Asperger Coach Neurodiverse Couples Coach As a Coach, Robin understands the impacts of living with an Asperger Profile in a neurodiverse world. Robin provides a client-centered, strength-based approach to working through obstacles and solving problems that are related to an Asperger Profile. Often a persons struggles are rooted in their neurological differences which impact communication, executive function, and regulation. Robin provides individualized coaching services to persons displaying an Asperger Profile. She may also be hired to coach family members of an adult with an Asperger Profile, either together or separately. Robin provides coaching services to people in neurodiverse marriages/relationships. In a neurodiverse relationship, one or both people identify as having an Asperger Profile. Robin uses strategies centered on understanding each persons unique neurological perspective and provides skills to build communication and emotional intimacy. Robin meets with partners both together and individually to help them learn skills to bridge their neurological differences. Robin has ten years of experience working in special education. Robin is a committed life long learner who has earned both a Masters of Arts in Counseling degree and a Masters of Science in Reading Education degree. Robin is trained through the Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) as an AsperCoach. She has received training in using AANEs proven LifeMap Curriculum. Robin has completed Neurology Matters in Couples Counseling Training 101 and is becoming certified by The Peter M. Friedman Neurodiverse Couples Institute to coach neurodiverse couples. Robin easily collaborates with other professionals and family members to provide the most individual client-centered solutions to a variety of life challenges. Robin provides coaching sessions in person (Greater Philadelphia Area) or via online video call. She meets within an office space, clients homes and other natural environments to best facilitate, observe and problem-solve life and relationship goals.

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Contact Number: 267-935-9032