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Deborah Morris
2050 Voohees Town Center

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Neurodiversity Consultants LLC

Eric Mitchell
6810 Emlen Street
From our current location, Dr. Eric Mitchell has been specializing in this population since 2001. Those working with Neurodiversity Consultants have been serving the neurodiverse individuals for years or even decades. Created to address the growing need for lifespan support to neurodiverse individuals (including those who identify on the autism spectrum) who live in the Philadelphia region and beyond, Neurodiversity Consultants seeks to increase access to high-quality specialized services from experienced consultants, sometimes augmenting current services where applicable to optimize outcomes. With access to extensive professional resources, Neurodiversity Consultants is able to flexibly provide myriad evaluations, trainings, behavioral supports, social skills development, educational supports, occupational and speech therapy, developmental services, and more. Neurodiversity Consultants offers this full range of consultation services and supports to address the unique needs of and maximize strengths of each person and system influenced by ASD and other forms of neurodiversity. LOCATIONS: Most of our consultation services are provided in homes, schools, partnering employers/programs, and in communities. The majority of our services are also available through videoconference, and can be optimized for a combination of remote and in-person support, to be adapted as needs change in the future. We also offer assessment and therapeutic services in our comfortable offices located at 6810 Emlen Street in the beautiful Mount Airy section of Philadelphia, very near public transportation and SEPTA Regional Rail (Carpenter Station on the Chestnut Hill West line). For more information on how we can build supports customized for various needs, and/or to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our experienced consultants, please contact [email protected]

Neurodiversity Consultants is available to design collaborative consultation services that can promote individual and systemic supports for wide ranging needs, including assessment, behavioral services, special education needs, training, social skills, and more. Our supports are often sought out by parties who have experienced difficulties in identifying experienced and individualized supports for uncommon presentations of developmental, social, educational, and therapeutic needs of various kinds.

We have worked with regional partners to develop integrated and autism-specific supports to augment current programs and/or provide alternatives for those seeking equal extracurricular opportunities for those with disabilities, in accordance with guidance from the US Department of Education. Neurodiversity Consultants can augment program offerings of other providers to promote the success of neurodiverse individuals in programs that might otherwise struggle to include and successful engage these individuals.
Contact Number: 484.567.4725