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Making Real Connections Creative Arts Counseling and Autism Center

Michele Rene` Conner
Entrepreneur Owner/Director
34 S. York Rd.
"MRC has Personality" helping people of all ages with autism and related disorders build foundations for social success in our one of a kind "Community of Opportunity". Serving Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties with resources, education, community outreach and intensive group, individual and family therapy for you to connect your pieces together.

Social Skills Groups, Creative Arts Boot Camp, Parent Support Groups, Kids' Night Out, Adaptive Dance Classes , and MRC Eductional Workshop Series

Making Real Connections® Creative Arts Bootcamp FUN GROUP FOR THE CHILLY MONTHS This group will meet Fridays from 4:00-6:00 pm and will provide opportunities to explore the arts through music, movement, crafts, acting, and physical fitness. Fun surprise guest will visit during the camp experience. This 8 week camp is geared toward grade school and middle school students while teen assistants are welcome and desired. Starting in January 2017! Details will be available at
Contact Number: 2158692211

Merill Lynch

James Graves
Financial Advisor
724 W. Lancaster Ave.
As a Financial Advisor with over 35-years of investment knowledge and life experience, I work with families to address and plan for the financial demands of a family member with chronic illness or special needs. We focus on those things that we can control; collaborate with special needs attorneys and medical professionals; align clients' expectations regarding quality of care and the required resources; and try to eliminate the "fear of the unknown" financially speaking.

Contact Number: 6109716296