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Ed Hunter
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Career Coaching for Adults with Autism or High-Functioning Autism. Free consultations.

Do you or your loved one need to find a first job, a new job, or a brand-new career? Could you use a guide to the complex world of social expectations in the workplace? We have over 20 years' experience helping people fulfill their career goals. We also have a very special interest in helping people overcome the unique challenges associated with Asperger's Syndrome through autism career counseling.

We work in person at our Wayne, PA office or through video-conferencing to help you clarify what you want in your career, and craft a plan to make it happen. Working one-on-one in a confidential setting, we'll show you ways to:

* Manage your time effectively.
We'll help you create systems to organize your day and maintain a manageable schedule, deal with interruptions, and stay focused.

*Handle stress.
Learn how to mediate conflict, manage anger, overcome anxiety, handle frustration, and stay away from sensory overload.

*Communicate and collaborate.
From creating great rapport with co-workers to navigating subtle nonverbal cues, we'll help you enjoy mutually beneficial relationships with your colleagues.

*Organize an effective job search.
Planning and implementing a successful job search can seem overwhelming. We can break it down and coach you week-to-week to ensure your success and even make it a little more fun.

*Interview with Confidence.
You'll be ready to face and conquer any interview. We'll prepare you completely and teach you how to negotiate once you've gotten the offer.
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