December 2015
ASCEND Hosted Screening: "The Family Next Door"

November 2015
Annual Conference: Jed Baker- All Kids Can Succeed

October 2015
Speaker Meeting: 
Focus on Family: Solution Oriented Approaches to Challenges Faced by Families affected by ASD

September 2015
Speaker Meeting: Aspergers and Self-Advocacy

June 2015
Train the Trainers: Autism & Sexuality

May 2015
Speaker Meeting: Empowering Parents 
Speaker Meeting: Indistinguishable from Normal II

March 2015
Speaker Meeting: Indistinguishable from Normal I

January 2015
Speaker Meeting: Understanding our Youngsters Sensibilities

November 2014
ASCEND'S Annual Conference (This year's topic: Autism & Sexuality)

October 2014
Speaker Meeting: Gaming/Internet and Autism Addiction.

September 2014
ASCEND's Annual Family Fun Night (Amber YMCA)

May 2014
Highlights from the Book, “Bright not Broken: Gifted Kids, ASD, ADHD”

April 2014
Chat, Chew & Chocolate w/ASCEND Board (Del. County)

March 2014
Interdisciplinary Autism Conference featuring Temple Grandin

February 2014
Dr. James Coplan, What we Need to Know About Mental Health Issues and ASDs

January 2014
Jeffrey Bernstein, PhD. Improving Relationships & Reducing Stress

December 2013
Chat, Chew & Chocolate w/ASCEND Board (Bucks County) & Carol Weinman of Autism Advisors & Advocates. 

November 2013
ASCEND Group 2013 Annual Conference:  Strengthening Emotional Regulation & Executive Functioning in Children and Adolescents

October 2013
Talking Social!  Why Social Cognition is So Important for Student Success

September 2013
Back To School 101: A Panel Discussion (Del. County)

June 2013
Chat, Chew & Chocolate w/ASCEND Board (Chester County)

May 2013
Coping with Bullies, Teasers & Difficult Kids (Chester County)

April 2013
Chat, Chew & Chocolate w/ASCEND Board (Chester County)

March 2013
Autism Treatment Network: Sleep Workshop for Families (Del. County)

February 2013
Hot Topics in Special Ed: IEPs, ESY and Keystone Exams (Del. County)

February 2013
Chat, Chew & Chocolate w/ASCEND Board (Del. County)

January 2013
Home And School Interventions To Improve Executive Functioning Skills

November 2012
ASCEND’s Fall Conference featuring Michelle Garcia Winner, MA, CCC-SLP, and Pamela J. Crooke, PhD, CCC-SLP
Social Thinking and Transition Planning for the Adult World: Setting the Foundation for Success in Middle and High School

September 2012
Opening Doors to Employment through Customized Employment
Presentation by Joseph Gousie, Sr. focusing on the use of the Discovery and Customized Employment Model.

September 2012
First Annual Family Fun Day
More than 200 people came out to take part in this great day for families!

May 2012
Paving the Way to a Successful Future for Your Loved One with ASD
Panel presentation featuring Carol S. Weinman, Esq., Hillary Freeman, Esq., Randy Steen, Esq., Pat Bergmaier, CFP, LUTCF, Roe DeLuca, and Theraplay

April 2012
Come and Play: The Social Skills Teaching Parents Can Do
Presentation by Maleita Olson, MSW, Spectra Support Services

February 2012
Independence for Students with ASD
Presentation by Brenda Eaton, MEd, BCBA, Chester County Intermediate Unit

December 2011
Sensory Processing in Children
Presentation by Debra Silveri-Hiller, OTR, MA, Occupational Therapy Consultant

November 2011
Pathways to Independence for Young Adults with ASD
Conference cosponsored by Elwyn featuring keynote speaker Stephen Shore, Ed.D.; focused on transition to adulthood

October 2011
Addressing the Social, Interpersonal and Workplace Challenges of Adults with ASD
Presentation by Mary Riggs Cohen, PhD, Pace University

June 2011
All About the Liverpool Asperger Team
Presentation by Chris Austin, Mersey Care NHS Trust (England)

March 2011
Taming the Anxiety in Aspergers
Presentation by Brad Norford, PhD, Bryn Mawr Psychological Associates

January 2011
ASD and Sleep Disturbance
Presentation by Margaret C. Souders, PhD, CRNP, Center for Autism Research at CHOP

April 2010
Penn Autism Network’s Annual Conference
Conference cosponsored with PAN featured keynote presenter John Elder Robison; focused on issues related to adulthood

Winter 2009
Getting a Job Without Losing It: Understanding How Employment Affects SSI Benefits
Workshops by Joseph N. Gousie, Sr., Employment Director, Elwyn

October 2009
It’s not called “Social Skills”: Setting the Stage for Social Success
Presentation by Cindy Schneider, Acting Antics

October 2009
Services Available from PA’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
Presentation by Lisa Burt, PA’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation