Sharing experience and expertise

ASCEND’s commitment to sponsoring and promoting events is a critical part of
our mission to raise public awareness about Asperger Syndrome and related disorders.

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In fact ASCEND got its start when the experiences of family members and the professionals who work with them came together to try to do more not only for themselves but for the broader community.

Sharing our experience and expertise proved to be of great value to our neighbors, friends, and other family members, and professionals interested in learning more about AS and ASD. And the momentum built as the news about rising incidence rates spread.

As much as the growing availability of news and data help address the policy issues that have naturally followed, in-person conversations, dialogue and networking among those affected by AS and ASDs help us as individuals and families to live, learn and grow.

Social Skills Groups and Camps

Our Pro Members offer Social Skills Groups and Camp experiences. Click on the links to learn more…

The ASCEND Events page provides information on high quality speaking, workshop and seminar events sponsored by ASCEND on topics selected specifically for individuals with AS and their families, and interested professionals. ASCEND Events are free to ASCEND members. Non-members are welcome and asked to pay nominal fees to attend. The page hosts information on past ASCEND events, topics, and speakers.

ASCEND’s Regional Support page provides information on ASCEND’s Support Network for Families of Adults with AS. It includes regular meetings open to family members of adults and older teens with Asperger Syndrome and similar diagnoses. You do not have to be a member of ASCEND to attend these meetings, and there is no charge to attend.