ASCEND’s Meetup Group

An easy way to organize and encourage gatherings

Meetup Many of our kids with Asperger Syndrome and similar  diagnoses are inclined to stay home and hone their couch  potato skills. The lure of the videogame can be hard to  resist! But here’s a suggestion to get your Aspie off that couch.

Check out ASCEND’s Meetup Group for parents of kids and young adults with Asperger Syndrome. This online group started in 2008 with a goal of providing an easy vehicle for parents to organize and promote activities throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. Currently, the group has close to 300 members and has hosted nearly 100 events. Examples of meetups are trips to bowling alleys and museums, mini-golf and movie outings, and hosted gatherings at parents’ homes.

There is no fee to join the ASCEND Meetup Group and people who join make no commitment to attend an event. Parents, consider joining our group to help create activities that might appeal to your family member with Asperger Syndrome. Get your kids out to have some fun!

KUDOS! Special thanks go to Nina Amilani, Nancy Kleinberg and Samantha Miller for being our Meetup Group star volunteers! Also, to board member Michelle Stein who deserves our gratitude for her extraordinary commitment to keeping our group up and running.