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School To Work, LLC

Dennis Coren
Executive Director
196 Marc Lane
Huntington Valley
School To Work, LLC. provides: Vocational Exploration, Transition Services & Independent Living options to individuals with intellectual disabilities and students on the Autism spectrum. Our goal is to educate clients about employment and life skills using a community based service delivery model. We assist students to transition from school into adult life: working, living & participating independently in the community. School To Work, LLC. furnishes "On The Job" vocational exploration in a natural environment, where students learn and practice work skills in real time conditions. Using Community Based Vocational Training (CBVT), we believe, is the best practice to prepare for lifetime employment. School To Work, LLC also offers many exciting mini classes including Driver's Education, Culinary Arts, Fashion Design and CPR/First Aid, Music and more. For more information write or call (215)817-4444

Driver's Education Class Art as a Career Class Music as a Career Class Culinary Arts Class Fashion Design Class CPR/First Aid Class Acting and Media Class Technology:Market yourself through Media Class

Contact Number: 215-817-4444

Social Enrichment Center

Elizabeth Roberts
542 Wesley Road
The Social Enrichment Center was founded to support individuals, families, schools and community organizations. Our objective is to build children's and adolescent's self-confidence and social connectedness. SEC provides direct care to young people, utilizing evidence-based therapeutic and instructional strategies. Further, our team equips caregivers with developmentally appropriate skills and strategies to build children and adolescent's social competencies.

Toddler: Individuals, Dyads (with one other peer), and Groups. Middle School Level: Anxiety groups: Coping with stress Transition to Middle School Group After-school Social Program Social Environment Occupational Therapy High School Level: Social Development Classes Social Enrichment Classes Anxiety Groups- Coping with Stress Afterschool Social Program Transition Groups Occupational Therapy Executive Functioning Skill Instruction Groups Cogmed

Six Week Summer Camp for ages 2-13 June 22nd- July 31st Half Day and Full Day Options Back to School Readiness for ages 2-18 Flexible Scheduling Available Choose from 2, 3, or 4 mornings We offer hourly sessions throughout the summer to work on goals specific to each individual child or adolescent. Sessions can meet weekly for one hour or more depending on availability. This program focuses on increasing your teen's social competency and self-esteem.
Contact Number: 610-853-2898

Spectra Support Services

Maleita Olson
Co-Founder, Executive Director
475 Lawrence Rd
Our Mission To provide holistic, strengths-based supports and interventions which improve the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families by filling service gaps across the lifespan. Counseling Transition Services Behavior Therapy Waiver Programs Consultation Professional education Internships/employment

Our childrens supports begin at diagnosis and focus on familiarizing the family with the diagnosis and complimenting early intervention, wrap-around, community and school-based services. We help prepare for increasing academic, emotional, and social demands. We educate the about the interplay between adolescence and other challenges they face and assist in building a bridge to adult supports. We partner with adults and their families to develop a plan toward independence.We offer sibling-specific programs and seminars for siblings age 6- adult. For caregivers, we offer parenting resources, support groups, seminars and tips to help you support and attend to the needs of each member of the family.

Contact Number:

Summit Camp & Travel

Gene Bell
Senior Director
322 Route 46 West, Suite 210
Summit Camp serves campers ages 8-19 who have issues of ASD, Aspergers Syndrome, and/or HFA. Based on a traditional camp program, campers find program success ,social skills improvement and emotional growth in a supportive environment that is fun and exciting. Our school year Weekender program offers regional youth group like weekends that also foster social skills and friendships.

Weekender Program offers school year weekends, day events, and vacation programs designed to foster peer relationships and enhance social skills. Participants gain valuable experiences in group activities. Weekend and school vacation program designed for teenagers to interact with and make a few new friends, enjoy a guided and supervised recreational weekend break staffed by educators & youth workers who understand them. Very much like a 24/7 social skills activity weekend. WHO: Young people, ages 11 - 19, who are kids with issues of Aspergers syndrome, NVLD, HFA, mild learning disabilities, and/or ADHD/ADD who would benefit from a directed weekend experience designed to foster socialization, peer interaction, and independence.

Camp provides a summer sleep away camp experience for boys and girls, ages 8-19, who have issues of attention. These may include Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD and/or ADHD), ASD, Asperger's syndrome, awkward social skills, High Functioning Autism, verbal or non-verbal learning disabilities (NVLD), and/or mild social or emotional concerns. Summit Travel works with older children, ages 15-19, who have similar issues. At the same time offers more directed interpersonal social skills, transition and life skills and an appreciation of group touring and adventure travel. The Weekender Program offers school year weekends, day events, and vacation programs designed to foster peer relationships and enhance social skills.
Contact Number: 973/732-3226

Sunny Days

Jerome Campbell
Sunny Days
This provider offers home and community-based autism services for children ages birth through 21. Their mission, through the provision of quality autism services, is to enhance the quality of life for those living with autism spectrum disorders and their families and caregivers. In partnership with their clients,Sunny Days will provide effective programming, building upon and enhancing the unique strengths found in each of their clients. With positive reinforcement, planning, and collaboration, Sunny Days provides the support needed to increase self-sufficiency, improve independence and improve lives. Sunny Days practitioners are PA Licensed Behavior Specialists and/or Board Certified Behavior Analysts with extensive training in ABA as well as other methodologies.

Contact Number: 6104491600

The Center for Neuropsychology and Counseling, PC

James J. Stone
1243 Easton Rd Ste 203
Our team provides comprehensive services to improve the health and well-being of our clients. We work with clients of all ages, as individuals, couples, and families. Our clinicians are skilled therapists, evaluators and consultants. We will pin-point the issue and work with you to determine the best course of action through an effective treatment plan. Our highly-skilled clinicians provide therapy, evaluations, therapeutic groups, Cogmed training, and consultation to schools, courts and physicians. We are available for trainings and speaking engagements, as well.

Sometimes, reading the social messages that are all around us can be difficult. Our social skills groups help people learn what signals are important to pay attention to and how to read them. Whether its the expression on someones face, the tone of their voice, or just the way they are standing, understanding what others are trying to communicate beyond their words is critical to social success. Difficulty reading these cues can lead to anxiety and a fear of social interactions. Our groups can help by providing a safe place to learn and practice these skills with others who have similar concerns and lead to improved social interactions and self-confidence. For more information, call The Center at (215) 491-1119.

Contact Number: 215-491-1119

The Pathway School

Diana Phifer
Director of Admissions & Marketing
162 Egypt Road
The Pathway School is an approved private school serving students age 5-21 with Autism, significant learning, executive functioning and mental health needs. Staff utilizes evidence based tools to provide a multi-sensory learning environment in a therapeutic setting. Related service professionals support an interdisciplinary approach towards our mission of increasing independence in students.

The Pathway School provides a 6-week Extended School Year program allowing students to enjoy time with their existing friends and make new ones while developing skills that will increase their independence academically, socially and emotionally. Themed learning promotes creative thinking, flexibility and problem solving through hands-on learning and community integration.
Contact Number: 610-277-0660 ext 289

The Quaker School at Horsham

Alex Brosowsky
Head of School
250 Meetinghouse Rd
For over thirty years, The Quaker School at Horsham (TQS) has been a haven for children with social, emotional and academic challenges. Our peaceful Quaker community is a place where children who have not previously experienced school success blossom socially, academically and behaviorally. With a 4:1 student to teacher ratio and an emphasis on community building, students can increase their social skills and develop a positive self-image. All of our classrooms are sensory friendly, while language, social skills and integrated occupational therapy are built into every lesson. Students at TQS receive a personalized education and love school because they feel included and successful. Parents love TQS because their children are happy. Please visit our website ( for more information or call 215-674-2875 to schedule a visit.

Our Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) is designed for children with learning disabilities who need help retaining and reinforcing skills in language arts, mathematics and social skills. Each child will receive individualized enrichment and reinforcement taught in very small groups. Our program is designed with academic enrichment in the mornings and recreational activities in the afternoons, including swimming, art, drama, music, wood shop, technology and weekly field trips.
Contact Number: 215-674-2875

Therapy Bridges

Elizabeth "Beth" Pfeiffer
5940 Hamilton Boulevard
Therapy Bridges provides private and school based occupational, physical, and speech therapy services for both children and adults. Our mission is to provide quality services that are contextually focused and use best practice. We believe it is essential to implement assessment and intervention processes that support the child or individual, as well as their families in enhancing quality of life and participation in meaningful daily activities and interactions. Services are individualized to the needs of the client and involvement of families/caregivers and school personnel is viewed as essential. We value evidence-based practice and support research and training of future therapists necessary to implement best practice. Our therapists have advanced training in: Sensory Integration, Neuro-development treatment, Myofascial Release, Listening programs, Vision therapy, Yoga, Feeding & Social Skills interventions.

Social Skills Groups

Contact Number: (610) 395-2880