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Main Line Social Learning

Colleen Barry
Colleen Barry
30 S. Valley Rd.
The goal of Main Line Social Learning is to teach adolescents and adults the skills needed to achieve social success as they transition from school settings to adult environments. Our collaborative approach helps those with social learning challenges learn the skills and build the confidence to successfully navigate the social world. Even casual conversations are complex, quick, unpredictable, and dynamic. It is not uncommon for individuals to thrive in academics and flourish in innovation, but struggle to understand how small talk is so small- when it can feel so big. Main Line Social Learning serves bright teenagers and adults who feel isolated, out of sync, and overwhelmed with social demands. Direct skill instruction using Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking Curriculum and individualized sessions are developed in conjunction with clients and their families in order to develop the skills needed and to generalize these skills into community settings. Prosocial behavior is a foundation for independence and autonomy in school, colleges, employment settings, family gatherings, friendships, and social relationships. We believe it is never too late to learn these skills.

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Nellie's Schoolhouse

Tom Richards
Executive Director
35 Old Covered Bridge Rd.
Newtown Square
We connect children with autism, depression and anxiety to well trained and well behaved dogs. We are an ambulatory classroom in which our screened volunteers and their dogs visit children and their families in their homes over a predetermined period of time (after school and on weekends). As a parent of an autistic, depressed or anxious child, you are encouraged to explore and learn about the opportunities available for your youngster to be a member of Nellies Schoolhouse. The relationship between a child and a dog has been proven to be powerful and life changing.

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