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Summer Sojourn is Franklin Academys renowned college-prep program, in summer mode! We create a community where bright students are celebrated for their gifts and have the freedom to be themselves while they learn and grow. Our community offers a nurturing environment designed to foster in each student the self-confidence to take positive risks, build friendships, and practice skills necessary to navigate life successfully. Our goal is that each student experiences a sense of belonging and safety from which they can take on new experiences and learning.

Path Classes:
Students participate in high-interest "Pathways", experientially-based classes organized around 6 areas of interest: STEM, Preforming Arts, Visual Arts, Outdoors, Animal Adventures, and Community Service. Paths vary from Lego Robotics and Marine Science, to Outdoor Survival Skills and preforming skits from Cabaret. They are designed to develop skills in the given discipline as well as practice and improve social and executive functioning skills necessary for independence and learning in other aspects of life.

Interested in mastering Magic the Gathering or Dungeons and Dragons? Waiting to be a star discovered at a local open mic event? Ever gone swimming in a quarry or ridden a zip-line? How about playing a part in a campus wide Murder Mystery experience? Activities during Summer Sojourn are many and varied and are intentionally designed for students to have fun and engage with one another in a social learning environment. Similar to Path classes, activities provide a positive challenge and are created to support students self-confidence.

Social and executive functioning skills programming:
Students create 2 or 3 goals at the beginning of Summer Sojourn. Our staff provides deliberate instructions individually and in the milieu to assist students to attain their goals. Helping students recognize and implement pro-social strategies in order to make friends is a typical need of our students. Additionally, our staff offers instruction on basic executive functioning skills, such as organization and time management. Feedback is given to families using a pre- and post assessment as well as a weekly phone call to discuss their childs progress. Indeed, students share that they make lasting friendships and may have even learned a thing or two during the Summer Sojourn adventure!

Our Staff
A highly trained staff of teachers, counselors, learning specialists, and residential life experts from Franklin Academy provides a 2-to-1 student to staff ratio, giving ample individual attention in a safe environment. This ensures that each student has opportunities to practice independence and collaboration important to the development of lifelong leadership skills and a successful adult life.

A distinctive feature of Summer Sojourn is our Intern Program, which brings back to campus mature, successful Franklin Academy alumni along with other college students to serve as mentors and coaches for Sojourn students. Our alumni have walked in the shoes of our Sojourners, and they are a great source of inspiration to students and adults alike. Indeed, the high interest of alumni to give back to Franklin Academy in such a meaningful way is a testament to their own transformative experience.

Fast Facts
Two, 2-week sessions
Bright, 8th 12th grade boys and girls
Students live in single rooms
Boarding and day options
Cozy population, a maximum of 45 students per two-week session attend
2-to-1, student to staff ratio
Students teamed with others of similar developmental abilities
75 acre campus surrounded my State forest along the Connecticut River
Dinning hall accommodates various diets (e.g. picky eater, gluten free, vegetarian, etc.)
25 minute drive to the Long Island Sound
Collaboration with the Goodspeed Opera House and Mystic Aquarium
Summer Sojourn at Franklin Academy
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Camp/ESY Program, School
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Summer Sojourn at Franklin Academy